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With the help of my Ancestors, the Divine, my Angels & Spirit Guides... using a mixture of deviation techniques included but not limited to tarot, pendulum, oracle, and runes etc. I will give you a general intuitive reading. My Readings will touch on a multitude of subjects, giving you the confirmation that you seek.

We can ask Spirit things such as your life purpose, personal finance, your next step in life, how you can begin to heal what's ailing you, how to practice self-love, find out what blockages you might have, and how to remove them etc.? During my readings you can ask spirit as many questions as you desire. So I do advise you to come with as many questions as you can already prepared, pen and paper for notes, an open mind and heart.

During our time together we will intuitively chat, have water or teas and pull cards. If you are not in person, and if possible; I also invite you to get a glass of water, or cup of tea while you receive your reading from your chosen source. 

My Readings are available In-Person, Zoom, Recorded (private YouTube link where reading can be viewed for 72 hours), E-Mail, Text, or Phone. Just put in your notes section how you would like to receive your reading. You will also receive a courtesy reminder call 24 hours before your appointment.

What do You Receive?

*Reading for Up to 1 person

*Private YouTube link to your recorded reading that will remain active for 72 hours. *Spoken Prayer & Candle lit on my altar (with picture).


I can't wait to intuitively chat with you.

Thank you & your Ancestors for Seeking Me, Lisa K.