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Peace Water/ Indigo Water is a common item in the Hoodoo home, and is used to bring peace to your life and calm down the chaos. It is also a very effective antidote to War Water and other jinxes or curses you may be suffering.

Indigo Ritual Water

Blue indigo Water is used to rid a person or dwelling of evil and negativity and promote peace and protection. Draw fast luck, works well if you have troublesome spirits or are down on your luck.

Rid hexes or crossed conditions, you can leave it to sit in your home somewhere to attract the negative ions, add some in a glass jar, use a few drops in your protection rituals at the altar.

Peace water is a tool for “laying tricks” against enemies by means of foot track magic, causing those who step in it to treat each other respectfully and with kindliness, and preventing hostile people or evil spirits from entering the premises. It is is not only used for protection, but also to work on the minds of those who come into contact with it, rendering them gentle and mild in temper.


  • Add a bit to your bath water to help repel negative energy, cleanse away curses, and promote harmonious relationships.
  • Sprinkle some on the outer 4 corners of the home or business to end quarrels and bring peaceful resolution.
  • Add a small amount to floor washes (be very careful- just a small amount as there is oil in the product) to bring peace and calm to your environment.
  • Add a few drops to the laundry when washing your clothes or bedding to stop arguments with your partner/ family.
  • Use it to wash your filters in your home, vacuum.


  • The house cleanse you will take 1oz of the indigo water and mix it with 3 to 9 cups of water and/or vinegar to make your cleaning mix. Use to wash walls, doors, mop inside home or porch anywhere you desire. 
  • You can use a few drops in laundry.
  • The body wash you will take 1oz of the indigo water and mix it with 3 to 9 cups of water and/or vinegar to make your spiritual bath. After you shower and clean from the nape of your neck down your body, You will pour this mix over you. Rinse with water as cool as you can handle.
  • Spray can be used on persons aura, car, house etc.
  • DIY KIT (instructions on YouTube)
  • Samples can be used as house cleanse, bath, or spray depending on how you mix per above instruction.
  • All Items are concentrated and best used diluted. You will get quite a few cleanses out of this mix. All natural so shelf life is 3-6 months depending on how it’s stored.
  • These items have been blessed and charged. But your intent only adds that much more power. Use with your favorite Psalms, Prayer or Spell. 

DIY KIT instructions in a how to video can be found on my YouTube @lisalaprima.

Video Title:

Lets Talk Spiritual Waters. Make Indigo Water w/ Me! Protection against Malocchio 🧿🌀🙏🏾

Makes 1 gal of concentrate. 

You will receive Florida Water, Holy Water, Camphor Cube, Cascarilla, Bluing, Van Van Oil and bonus Evil Eye Charm. 

Note because I add different essential Oils to mine our versions will be different. 



Do Not Ingest!!

Be careful of spraying on light fabrics it will wash out if the item is goin in the laundry, but the bluing can stain if sprayed directly on certain fabrics (carpet). Do a fabric test.

With the difference in ingredients the Body Wash and the house cleanse are not interchangeable.