Glamour is charm, it's enchantment; an expression designed to call something to mind without mentioning it explicitly. "Glamour is illusion & allusion! Glamour is a recipe, it is elegance minus restraint, romance plus distance, sparkle sans naivete. Glamour is—let’s face it—a cigarette. Glamour is Jessica Rabbitt, and it’s Miss Piggy too. Glamour is adult. Glamour is an accomplishment. Glamour is magic."

- Autumn Whitefield-Madrano

The Dark Art of Glamour 


"I just told my cousin about you she messaged you I’m sorry but that reading was just too good!"

Amanda L.

“I have purchased candles, incense, spiritual bath products, crystals, and the list goes on. I have received readings and referred a friend to her as well! Lisa is always professional and when chaos happened in our lives she made a way in her schedule to accommodate us. She even threw in freebies that she felt we needed at that time to help us get through our situations. Her passion for helping people is so evident! She gave un-biased guidance when we needed it the most and for that we are forever grateful! Lisa and her products are a true gift for those seeking spiritual growth, guidance and direction. I cant brag on her and Glamtique Studios enough. If you haven’t sought her out, I highly recommend it. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️“

Kathy D.

“Hey, I hope your having a good evening/night so far. Just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to go above & beyond my reading for me today was unbelievable and also refreshing ..”

D. Littlejohn

“Lisa Kidd is the Bomb....
She is one only person that gave me confirmation that this real.. right after my Aunt Doris Gray passed.
I was chilling with Lisa. She just got some new tarot cards and decided to try them out, so I was asking lil simple questions about my career. With was good and on point...
So my next questions was on some deep question about my dad. Just to test Lisa's skills. After a few minutes Lisa said ummm there is a lady with a whitish fluffy afro with kind eyes want to connect with you.
I start crying like a baby. That was my Auntie Lisa was speaking of. She never met my Aunt before or seen any pictures. Then when Lisa said she also told me to hug you, Aunt Doris was a hugger.... that just let me know Lisa the real deal.”

C. Dennis

"That clear the air cleanse is amazing, it smells so good and instantly uplifted my mood, and the energy of my home. Yeah girl, keep that in stock!"

Keona W.